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    Northern Cookstoves is an authorized retailer for Margin Stoves and Suppertime Stoves.

    Margin and Suppertime cook stoves are hand built by the Amish. As we are sure you already know the Amish name has always been synonymous with durability and reliability. These unique cook stoves and heaters will cook your meals, bake your bread, roast your turkey, dry your mittens and warm your feet.

    In addition, each stove and heater is airtight, which means the flame will only burn as hot as the oxygen supplied to it. With the new generation of wood burning, airtight cook stoves and heaters, a bed of ash is formed to nest the hot coals and increase efficiency—they will keep a controlled fire all night to heat your home even on the coldest nights. Not only do these stoves provide a source of alternative energy and alternative heat, these stoves and heaters are so versatile they can be plumbed directly into your home’s water system to provide an alternative fuel source that will heat your hot water. Plus, hydro is not required to operate these stoves and heaters.

    Since your investment will live in the “heart of your home,” Northern Cookstoves and Heaters wants to make sure you will be completely satisfied with your overall purchase experience for many years to come. Whether you choose a Margin Stove or Suppertime Stove or Osburn Stove, you can be assured of getting the very best product and service your money can buy, we guarantee it!

    Northern Cookstoves and Heaters offers a no-pressure sale approach, offering a cost effective delivery option, and installation of your new stove. Also backed with a great manufacturers’ guarantee. We want to make your purchase with Northern Cookstoves a memorable one.

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    Carol & Darren HearnFLAMEVIEW COOKSTOVE

    Hi Mike,

    We purchased a Flameview from you in 2011 to heat our 1200 sq ft cottage which is now our permanent residence. We absolutely LOVE this stove. It is our only source of heats and even with the -45 C temperatures that we’ve been having a lot this winter, our place is cozy. I cook in it, we preheat our hot water and it keeps this old place nice and toasty. Surprisingly too, we only burn 10-12 cords of wood. It also holds the heat overnight! We are planning on building a new home in the next few years and our Flameview will be moving into the new home for sure! Thanks again, we love it and have recommended it to friends.

    Darren & Carol Hearn, New Liskeard, Ontario


    I would like to thank Northern Cookstoves for their fantastic service in the purchase of our cookstove. We love the flexibility of the flameview cookstove. We can cook, heat our water, heat 2000 sq ft and view the flame. This stove is a blessing that is much appreciated.

    Thanks again Northern Cookstoves.


    Hi Mike,

    Its our first weekend with the Bakers Choice stove. Just wanted to tell you we are very happy with it. We may decide to get a reservoir in the future. Thank you so much. It has been great dealing with you and we will certainly recommend you and your company to our friends.
    Thanks Again,